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Effective prescription------ non-medicine treatment
electric Qigong treatment of diseases

Non-medicine treatment, the green medicine that prevails with the development of the human civilization, is the promising young star in medicine. And with examination, treatment, prophylaxis and anti-aging rolling into one, it features with the superiorities of general medicine and can cure many diseases simultaneously without side effect in simple ways and receiving great effect. So it is the shortcut treatment for the patients who suffer prolonged disease or deeply relies on medicine.

Seek a permanent solution while treating a disease. And the comprehensive treatment and overall conditioning of non-medicine treatment seek both temporary and permanent solutions to the problems, so it becomes the general medicine in the world with its unique curative effect.

Zhou Xianliang, who is the initiator of ¡°Chinese Wulong Qigong¡±, graduating from Chinese Kungfu Essential College, is national first-grade cavalier, second-level coach, yondan of Wushu, remedial gymnast and qigong master.

By far, hundreds of thousands of people have been treated with effective rate up to 91% and cure rate up to 80%. Called as ¡°Jiyang Mysterious Chivalry¡±, he has trained thousands of qigong lovers for years.

The electric qigong treatment adopted by Master Zhou has an immediate effect without pain, and usually takes its effect in a matter of minutes.


The features of non-medicine:

1. Immediate effect
It will take effect after two or three treatments for the acute or chronic diseases. And the disease such as rheumatism, arthritis, local pain, soft tissues strain and so on can be alleviated more than 30% once and cured in twice or three times.

2. Curing different diseases simultaneously
Comprehensive treatment and overall conditioning are carried on the person, who falls sick with different diseases, to reinforce congenital Qi and postnatal vital base simultaneously. Seek the temporary and permanent solutions to the problems, so it is said to be able to cure different diseases simultaneously.

3. More immediate effect with less money
The patients, who had been to many hospitals and spent thousands of money but gained unsatisfied results, adopted non-medicine treatment and recovered with only hundreds of money in very short time.

4. Kill several birds with one stone
Non-medicine treatment mobilizes their own potentials, adjusts and recovers human life resource, discharges waste in the body and helps the patients to enhance immunity as well as cures their diseases , it is what called killing several birds with one stone.

Electric Qigong Hemagogic Treatment

Electric Qigong Hemagogic Treatment, which is the result of close integration of human body and modern science, has formed a unique part in modern medicine.

The electric qigong treatment is the patient use the new high energy that generates while 220V AC goes through his body to cure the diseases. The alternating current combines and exchanges with the intrinsic qi to generate specific energy of electric energy, thermal effect, magnetic effect and dredge human regular points, inspire channel qi and innervation function while passing human body. It adjusts human digestion, excretion, exercise and metabolism function, prompts telangiectasis, improves microcirculation to realize blood circulation acceleration, nerve function reinforcement. Since qi and blood operate normally and viscera organ function adjusts. And as a result, the disordered morbidity turns into ¡°normal¡± and achieve the effect of treatment and prevention.

The range of treatment:

Kinematic system: periarthritis humeroscapularis, strain of lumbar muscles, cervical spondylosis, arthritis, rheumatic disease, rheumatoid arthritis

Digestive system: acute and chronic gastritis, acute and chronic cholecystitis, gall-stone.

Circulatory system: high blood pressure, headache and giddiness

Nervous system: splitting headache, facial paralysis, sciatic neuritis, Hemiplegia sequelae

Gynae: irregular menstruation, dysmenorrheal, breast lobular hyperplasia, hysteromyoma.

Condition various difficult and complicated diseases, give exercise and qigong prescription. (physical and psychological adjustment )


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